Saturday, July 21, 2007

How to Select Zookada Vs FeedBurner Email Service

Couple of days back Feedburner had Integrated Blogger and now users were able to track the actual Subscribers to both Feedburner Feed and the Blogger Feed. Feedburner offers a great Feed service but somehow when it comes to Offering Email Service I particularly feel Zookoda has greater performance capability compared to Feedburner.

A good Combination of service would be to offer Feedburner RSS feed and at the same time offer Zookoda Email service on your Blog. With a limited number of Web users knowing what an RSS Feed is ?? it is perfectly easy for users to Subscribe using a Zookoda Email Service.

Zookoda was a small Blog broadcast service provider that was recently purchased by Zookoda is a free service that any one can use by filling a Registration form. Once you Register you can download the Subscription Form code and Embedd it in the Blog Site. Here is a Snapshot of the Subscription Form

Zookoda has some great features that i feel are missing in Feedburner. In Zookoda you have the option of adding subscribers by just adding their email addresses. You can also import subscribers on your own.

The other feature is that you can even schedule Multiple Broadcasts for a day. This feature far seems to be absent in Feedburner. Feedburner allows only once per day.

Zookoda even has a Report Feature where you can view information about your Email Post.

You can View a Pie-chart which would indicate the Number of Subscribers for the Email Post.

You can also view the number of subscribers who have opened your Email Post and the Number of Subscribes who have read your Email Post.

I particularly like this feature as this gives me a better knowledge about my subscribers. Feedburner is a good RSS feed service and probably needs to provide more options on the Email service to make it more Blogger friendly.

I would Post about Feed burner and Feedblitz RSS feed Service in the coming Posts. What are the benefits of using Feedburner or Feedblitz and finally end with a Comparison post Feedburner VS Feedblitz vs Zookoda.

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