Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How to Design Simple and Quick Logos for your Website in 3 steps

Well are you one of the new Blogger in this Amazing world of Blogging. To start a Blog you need a Webpage and a must is a Logo. So you would be Search for a Logo isnt it .. Here is a cool website that would let you create simpel text logo's for your website.

Check out the snapshots to create a Simple logo for your website.
STEP1: Choose a Logo Style to begin for you Logo Design

STEP2: Choose Fontsize,Bacground color,Text color and Font Type
STEP3: Download your Logo as .jpeg File

Its a cool website to Generate Quick Logo's. One suggestion would be to try using different font,sizes and colors that would match with your website. The above is just a sample of the fonts available on the website. There are about 500-600 stlyes of fonts for users.

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Abhishek Krishnan said...

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Kishore Reddy said...


I have got a lot of requests for exchange links.. Iam considering all the links and would let you know if i want to exchange links..

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