Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How to Choose a Domain Name for a Blog

Continuing from the last Blog "How to Start Writing a Blog For Passion or for Money" Iam adding another post where the Topic of Interest would be Choosing a Domain name.

If you didn't know here is some news about domain names. Sex.com was sold for a record price of $12 Million dollars.Second behind it was Porn.com that was sold for $9.5 Million dollars (Source).

Domain name perhaps seems to be a lucrative business for a bunch of business men. But what we are concerned here about the Domain name for your Blog. It is known that Search Engine Crawlers give Importance to Key Words in the Domain Name. Like for Example Take the Example of a Blog named CelebrityNewsBlog.If you look at the Domain name the Keywords here are Celebrity and News. The moral of this explanation is that the Celebrity website would be higher ranked than a celebrity Blog which has a domain names as peopleblog.

So the best option would be to choose a domain name that is relevant to your content of your Blog. Like for example you are going to write about cellphones. It is better to have words like cellphone, terms related to cellphone in the Domain name.

It is also better to get a .com website rather than a .net or .org Domain name just because it is a Human tendency that we all consider that most of websites have a .com ending in their Domain name.

A good website to search for domain name is Domainsbot. Domainsbot offers suggestions to domain names as you type in to search for a domain name. It would also indicate the status of the domain name whether it is available, Up for sale or Not Available.

Once you choose a Domain Name you would be directed to a Domain Purchase website like Godaddy to complete the Purchase Transactions.

I find Domainsbot really usefull to search for Domain names. Do you use any other websites for Searching for Domain names. Post your comments.

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