Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How to Change the MAC Address of a PC

SMACK is an utility that can be used for Spoofing your MAC Addresses of any Network Interface cards on Various Operating Systems like Windows Vista, XP or 2000. SMACK is an Intelligent utility that Performs a Software Spoofing of the MAC Address of the NIC.

SMACK Software is a Free Utility that can be Downloaded at their Website. SMACK offers complete Protection to users by Hiding the Actual MAC Address of users in the Wi-Fi Enabled Areas. SMACK offers the Evaluation Version for Free but has Five Different Versions available for Commercial or Users requiring Advanced Features. SMACK Spoofing Feature will remain active even active Reboots of the PC.

SMACK has an Evaluation Edition,Professional, Edition, Standard Edition,Site Licence and Enterprise Licence Editions. The Evaluation Version only allows users to Spoof MAC Address of the Active Network Adapters in the Locality.

After Changing the Mac Address
SMACK could be particularly useful at localities where Users are tracked for their MAC Addresses. It would also Protect users from Unauthorized MAC address access to your Network
and to your Personal Computer.

SMACK is a must have and probably the only utility that can spoof the MAC address for any kind of Network.

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