Thursday, July 12, 2007

Google and Blogger news this week: Feedburner and Blogger,Draft Blogger

Google fell in love with Feed burner and bought it and now Blogger users are in love as Feedburner has been integrated with Blogger accounts. Well what am i talking about...Some Romantic story..Juss Kidding... I have always been a fan of Googles products because of its ease of use and availability. The best feature of embedding feedburner with Blogger accounts is that now one can redirect your blogger feeds to Feedburner.

Features of Integrating Blogger & Feedburner:This would definetly increase RSS subscribers in your RSS Chicklet Blogg and would give the exact count of them. No need of worrying about lost subscribers.You would now exactly know who is subscribed your blog and Howmany are subscribed to your Blog.

Blogger in Draft News:
Draft.Blogger has introduced the search engine feature that lets you integrate a Google customized search engine in your Blog. This feature is similar to customize your search engine already available in Google. This feature's advantage is that it embedds the search engine widget in your Blog.

Blogger also introduced the Polls, Enclosures and Podcasting and Video upload feature in Draft Blogger. Check out the recent post about Draft Blogger video feature .You can now add a poll to your Post by using the Poll widget feature available in the Dashboard. Unfortunately this feature wont be useful if your are using a Classic Template like this Blog.

Enclosures are nothing but converting your videos and audios that you upload or host on your blogger website into Podcast. This would benefit bloggers who write about podcasting etc. This feature would allow users to download podcasts using itunes and other softwares for podcast downloads.

Blogger seems to be really striving to compete with Word press. Would Blogger prevail over Word press. What do you think...... Do you use Blogger of Word press.....Do you like this post .. Post your comments

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