Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Google Adsense in Regional Languages like Tamil

I was checking my Gmail today and something stuck my eyes. It was the Google Ad on Top of my MailBox in Tamil( A Regional Language in India).

Google seems to have understood that one cannot rise in India Advertisment market with English Ads. With about 18 or more Languages in India and more than 50 dialects Googles seems to making an emphasis on Regional Market rather than as a whole country. India seems to be the Hot spot or the Buzz for Google's campaign in Regional Languages.

This also seems to be a great news for advertisers who campaign AdWords across the web. By providing this option of advertising in Various languages Google seems to have increased the specificity of Adwords across websites or Geographic locations.

But as of now i haven't seen a website that seems to publish AdWords or Advertisements in Hindi or Tamil. Have you come across a website that published Ads in Regional Languages. I would be interested in regional Ads performance. Post your comments
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