Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Google acquires Grand Central.. Does that Ring Bells for Skype

Google has acquired another company. Will they ever stop well that would hurt its motto isnt it . Google just grows big,bigger and bigger. The latest baby in its pocket is Grand central. It is a voice communication company over in Fremont, California. Does this ring Bells to SKYPE communications. Recently skype has moved from Free to Pay charges for its access. Would googles new baby going vs
to hurt skype?? Well we have to watch and see in the nearby future.

Reasons why Grandcentral could be a match to Skype:

  • Google acquires grandcentral. Its strong image and technology back would provide stability and functionality to grandcentrals growth.
  • Skyp currently charges 30$ for its premium serivces. With Google the service would be free so why anyone would pay if you can get an equal performance service at no cost
Choose a Number at grandcentral and choose which cell phone to be forwarded when some one calls the Grand central number.

Route calls from people you don't want to talk to directly to voicemail.

Different Ringtones for Different Callers

Know who is calling before you pick up your phone.

For more features you can vist the Grancentral Webpage . Hurry up and register a Number in your Area.

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