Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Can Blogs Really Make Money. Here is Something to Learn

I have been an Regular Morning Reader of the Business Week and there was this article that really interested for a Complete Reading. This is what the Sub heading said..

"Cat pictures, gossip, tech talk, politics—there's lots of ways to rake in the dough online"

Have you heard of these names I Can Has Cheezburger, Boing Boing, Tech Crunch, Problogger ( My Favourite Blogger), Overheard in Newyork, Kottke, TalkingPointsMemo, Perez Hilton, Gothamist, Gofugyourself, Mashable, Michellemalkin, Hotair. If you are new to the Blogging World then all these names would sound Unfamiliar to you. If not You would have recongnized these as Top Bloggers in the Blogging World.

Here is the article in Business Week about the headline that i have posted above. The Article Discussed Mainly About HowMuch Money are the Top Bloggers Making Across the Word.
I had an argument with a Friend over whether "Blogs really Make Real Money". My Friend argued that Blogs Cannot Make Money and it is Just One or Two on Top who Really make the Money. I had argued that it is not that Difficult Provided you Put in the Effort and Ultimately you Would Make it to the Top.

Blogging is Something Done with a Passion and there is lot of Hardword Beyond it. Someone has started writting about Cats and Today they make a Couple of Thousand Dollars From What they have been writing as a Part Time Hobby. You need not be an Expert in a Field to Start a Blog. All you need an Energy to stay on and Learn from Others. As Problogger Says " Blogging is not a One Way Path It is a Constant Interaction and Exchanging of Opinions".

You cannot Become a Pro Blogger by just Writing some Posts every Other Day you want to and Expect the Profits to Grow. A Blog needs to be Consistent to Keep Readers Attracted to it. You Need to Make the Visitor Feel that He Wanted to Re Visit Your Blog. A Blogger Needs to Update the Blog Regularly to Keep the Loyalty of the Readers.Finally all it Matters is "CONTENT" "CONTENT""CONTENT""CONTENT".

Content Is the King when it comes to the Success of a Blog and the Content needs to be Good. Well than the Question from My Friend was that " Iam Not a Good Write and I cannot Write Articles". I Told him No One is a Good Writer and you can Find your Groove by Learning From Others. It takes Patience and Persistence to Turn Yourself from an Amateur Blogger to a Pro Blogger. It Takes Time and Time and You need to be Patient to Get to the Top. You cannot Become an Over Night Pro Blogger.

Blogging World is of Wonderful World and Once you are In you will Love it. The Best Part of Blogging is that Bloggers Grow at an Exponential Rate Provided you put in the Effort and are Consistent in Your Posts. Dont be Dissapointed that You are Earning Only $0.10Cents/Day. One day you Will Make a Good Amount of Dollars With Your Adsense Blog. It all Takes Time.

So the Next Question from my Friend was that How do i Find Content. The Best Solution for that Would be "Read " "Read""Read " "Read""Read " "Read". Nothing can beat this opinion. At the Same Time Learn From Other Bloggers like Style of Blogging, Ad placement, Comments, Opinions etc. Be the First to Blog about a Product, Solution and Traffic would Automatically appear on Your Blog.

I really Dont Believe in Search Engine Optimization and Page Ranking. If you Have the Content the Search Results are Going to Point to Your Blog Posts. Well What Do you think ?? Can Blogs Make Money for You too. Post your Comments.
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Image Source: Business Week

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