Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blogger Finds his Love with his Wife Hunting Blog

Allan Willis and Claire Marjoram has never met in their Life before July 3rd 2007. Allan is from Canada and Claire is from England. So what do they have in Common?.

Allan was bored of Dating sites and so he started his own Blog AreyoumyWife. Allan Travelled across the World and dated across Europe, United States, China, Australia, Dubai, Canada etc searching for his Perfect Soul mate. Besides searching for his Soul mate Allan Blogged about his Dating Experiences and Ultimate Wish of Finding Some one Whose thoughts matched.

Claire Marjoram heard about Allans Quest in a Newspaper in England and a First Date went on to Frequent Meeting, Exchanging Mails and Ultimately Uniting in Thailand.

Allan Continues to Blog at AreyoumyWife and currently resides with Claire Marjoram in London.(Imagesource)


Anonymous said...

We met long before July 3rd, in fact we met in January as per Allan's blog - see Tube Eyes date!

Straighten your facts out!


Kishore Reddy said...

Thank CeCe,

For the Information