Monday, July 09, 2007

Best Websites to Sign up as a Beta Tester

I have been Beta testing a product for HP for the past 3 months.Well it was this product on the right side that i was Testing.After the testing was completed i was allowed to keep the product. It was absolutely free to me. It is an ALL in one printer/scanner/faxer/copier.

Well there are plenty of Gizmo enthusiasts like me ,i wanted to share this opportunity to share some information that would let you to test products even before they are launched in to the market.

Center code Beta Testing :
Center code is the favourite site for me. I had received the HP Printer L7580 for product evaluation from this site. You have to register on this site first and then you will receive an email to test products. The email will be generally have a few question that will help the evaluator to choose the Beta Testers. The Center Beta Testing can be signed up at Voconline website.

Center has a wide range of customers ranging from Adobe to Yahoo and includes big companies like the DELL,HP,Microsoft ,SUN, Tmobile,Cingular etc .
HP product Testing: Hewelett Packward has a direct link on its website for beta testers to evaluate its products. Popular testing products have been Desktop printers,scanners and other HP softwares. Here is the link to signup

Microsoft Playtest Research: Are you a game freak that Microsoft signup is a must for you .Microsoft lets you test its future games in to the market. By enrolling in its testing evaluation program you can participate in product surveys and evaluation. Here is the link for signup

Do you know any other product sites for the Beta Testing. I would be interested to know user opinions . Let me know in your comments.

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Digital I.T Blog said...

In printers i think no one can beat HP , specially in India . Their rates as well as services are very good .

you have a nice blog but i will say you must change color of the links from yellow to orange or some other light color because yellow color is looking odd and only readable after pointing and getting blue background .

Just a suggestion from my side , if you don't like it i say sorry for that .

Kishore Reddy said...

Digital it blog,

Well i too agree with you that HP is the best printer company in terms of quality and service.

Thanks for the suggestion on the colors.. Iam still testing the blog and appreciate your feedback.. I will certainly take your suggestion into consideration