Sunday, July 22, 2007

Backup Online Carbonite Releases Version 2.3

Carbonite is one of the Online Backup Service that we are going to discuss in the Online Backup Series. Carbonite offers a free online storage for 15days and an unlimited space option for $50/year.

Carbonite offers a competitive Online Backup storage compared to its Competitors like Mozy, Xdrive, IBackup. Carbonite has a small Download software that can downloaded on to your PC. Once installed you can decide to Backup all files on your hard disk or choose selective files or folders for backup.

A typical Backup of 100GB usually takes about 4months to completely Backup Completely. This includes a complete backup of your Hard Disk with the Backup Service working 24hrs/Day. This does seems to a pretty long time.

Carbonite storage has a service that i really find it useful for PC users. Carbonite has an Option where you can adjust the rate of Upload. You can set the option such that Carbonite uses low bandwidth at moments when you would want to use the Internet for Downloads, videos etc.

Carbonite also offers an encryption service with the online storage of files offering complete protection from misuse. The other limitation of Carbonite is that it wont backup .EXE files, Files over 2GB Disk space. Download of the files from the Online storage is easy. You can select a single file, Single folder or Multiple folders to download. The latest version of Carbonite Backup 2.3 supports the latest version of Windows Vista.

Carbonite is a easy to use service for a novoice. It is a simple service at low cost to the users. Next in the serives we would discuss about Mozy, an online backup service that competes with Carbonite.
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