Wednesday, July 25, 2007

AMD Live Media Vault Free Storage Space 25GB

AMD Live Media Vault has a Free Online 25GB Storage space for any Registered users on its Online site.

MediaMax offers this service to any registered users for free. All you need to do is Register on their website.

Users can Store Data,Photos,Video or Audio Files on thier Online Storage Space.

You can even Backup your Hard Disk Data at a Safe place on Media Max Online Storage Space.

MediaMax has a Down loadable Utility that could be used to Backup Files from your Computer. You can Upload files on to your Online Storage Space and then Download them to any Computer Online.

The Best feature that i like about AMD Online Storage Feature is that you can access your Files right from your Web Browser. Further there is no restriction on the amount of Files you can Download. You can Download or Upload any number of Files from your Account.

Have you used AMD Media Vault Online Storage or any other Online Storage Service. Post your Comments.
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