Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Is the Iphone overhyped ?? Are apple products really great.

The wait was over and Iphone was launched. Records tumbled,Share prices rose,expectations gained high and the result was that over 300,000 iphones were sold over 4 days only in the United States. So what makes an iphone such as great product. Is it the Hype created or is it the shear greatness of the product or is it Steve Jobs Marketing strategies or is it the secrecy of the products that was maintained until its official release. We all know that we crave more for what we dont have... isnt it true What do you think?

I have always been a fan of Apple's products becuase of its shear Quality and Excellent Performance. Looking at its products like the Macintosh OS proved to be Unhackable and Virus Free for a long time. Is there an mp3 product that can beat the Ipod with a statistics of over 100 million sold in its first four years.

What more do you need to measure success. Perhaps Apple was eager for success. It has been six years since the launch of Ipod and Apple needed something to break the shackes. The iphone was expected to break the long term drought of Apples product in the market. Would you believe that Apple hired Armed guards to protect the container that had iphones shipped from an unknown Asian Center. Apple also seems to have maintained mum over the disclosure of the components that were used in the manufacture of the iphone except the NVDIA and the AMD graphic components. Was all this added to create an unnatural Hype??

I think the iphone infact was over hyped but did Apple live up to its expectations. Did it better its performance or worse.. What do you think. post your comments

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