Friday, June 29, 2007

How to choose a Digital Camera

Well if there is something that you would free in plenty then that would be advice from others.. oh just kidding the topic of choosing a Digital Camera. The questions that would come up are Which is the right camera for me and how good is the camera and what is the price..
If you have a hobby of photography or want to keep memories of places you visit or people you meet then you would definetly need a good camera. Well here is a tip that i came across in choosing a good camera from plenty of photos that were taken using those camera. Right if you have guessed it. It is the flickr camera finder .

Flickr shows the popularity of the cameras among the users who have uploaded the phots using their favourite cameras
Well another great site with Excellent reviews on Gadget products like camcorders ,cellphones and Cameras is the website. CNET has excellent reviews on Digital cameras and is one important site to visit before you make a purchase

what kind of digital camera do you want to purchase . Here is an Excellent review from Cnet

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