Saturday, June 30, 2007

HJ File Split 2.3 Version Released

I had previously writtent an article about HJ File Splitter and Joiner that still is the No1 file spliiter and joiner software in the market. Freeware software has released a New version of the spliiter & joiner Version 2.3.

The new version has been improved in its ability to Split and join files as large as 10 Giga Bytes. This is a significant improvement from the previous versions that were supporting files of the size of 1 giga byte.

HJ File splitter is a Free File splitter and Joiner software that is a freeware for Personal and for Corporate use.

The best feature of this Splitter and Joiner is that the software can be run with out installing it on your personal computer. All you have to do is Download the file and execute it .

For more information on using the software you can look at my previous post on HJ file spitter and Joiner

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