Monday, June 18, 2007

Employment Based GreenCard Priority Dates Move Current

United States of America - also known as the land of opportunities is the leading country in the world and every one comes here with a dream to succeed big.

I was reading this article which i received through a subscription to Immigration news. It starts off like this ....Every immigrant comes to US with a thought of better life and ofcourse the Greencard ultimately(popularly know as the Hara Patta in Hindi) and says that one day he will make some good money and go back home.. If you ask when?? he would say some time ... and that sometime never comes.... Anyways was just kidding ...
Here is some good news for everyone that the Employment based category for the Greencard process has become current. So what does this mean??

Anyone who has cleared the Two stages of the Greencard process the Labour Certification and the I-140 stage can file for adjustment of status(I-485) and would receive their Greencard in a couple of months. This infact is great news for the Indian's as most of them are in H1b visa and would fall into EB1/EB2/EB3 categories.

Greencard Process:
For all those novoice regarding the Greencard procedure... Here is a short description of it .. The Greencard basically falls in to two categories... Employment based and Family Based. Ofcourse there is the Greencard lottery(in which we indians dont quality as we overwhelmingly outnumber any other nation and do not qualify for it). In Family based Category an American citizen can sponsor his immediate relation like Husband, Unmarried sons,daughters, brothers and sisters. Remember a Greencard Holder cannot sponsor another individual.

Employment based category Mainly falls into 4 categories(ofcourse there is a fifth category but less prominent) . They are

1) EB1 - Priority workers with a minimum of PHD or outstanding Research
2) EB2 - Advanced Degree or persons with Exceptional Ability ( MS + 2yrs or B.S with 5yrs+
3) EB3 - Anyone with a minimum B.S Degree Professional
4) Special Immigrants category

An Employment Based GreenCard process begins with a Employer willing to sponsor for your Green Card. The employer files for a Labor Certification.

Once the Labor certification has been approved the I-140 Immiration petition is filed. And next comes the waiting part.. Once the I-140 is approved you would be given a PRIORITY DATE. This is the date on which you can file (I-485) for status adjustment if you are in USA or you will go in for Consular processing(abroad).

As you are approved you would get your Greencard.. Hip Hip Hurrah.. Get the stamping in Passport and get the Green Plastic card.. Here is the link to Latest Visa Bulletion July 2007
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