Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Add Translation to Blogger Beta or Website

I was wondering to add this feature to my Blog for a long time and atlast Iam making this post of Adding translation to Blogger Beta Using Google Translation Feature. Its a Fact that over 70% of the World speak a different language other than English. So in order to spread my Blogger viewership i have added Google Translation feature to my blog.

Adding Translation to your Blog:

I personally like the Google Translation feature because of its ease of use and compatability. To start of here is the code that needs to be added to the Blog to add the Translation feature. To make it attractive I have uploaded the country flags on Google pages and lined the Translation feature to the flag.

In the above code <$BLOGURL$> points to the BLOG URL(for example it would be http://nuvvenuvve.blogspot.com ) that needs to be translated to Spanish. As of now Google's Translation feature is available in French,Chinese,Japanese,Korean,Arabic, Spanish, Italian,Portuguese, German and Russian.

en - points to the language from which the Translation is to take place and fr is the language to which the translation is to be done. so change those alphabets in th code to translate to different languages.

To add the other languages to your blog just repeat the above code but changing the es to

  • zh-CN for Chinese
  • fr for French
  • it for Italian
  • pt for Portuguese
  • ja for Japanese
  • ko for Korean
  • de for German
  • ar for Arabic
  • ru for Russian
http://kishore83.googlepages.com/fr.gif : This link points to the flags for various countries. If you do need the flags you can request for them and i would email it to them. If you do not want the country flags for the link you can leave the img tag empty .

title="Translate Blog to French": This points to the text that would be displayed when you hover over the link.

If you like my post you can Subsribe to my Newsletter to receive Future posts. I think adding translation feature in the Blog would definetly increase viewership. what do you think.. publish your comments..

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