Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Diskeeper Professional 2007: Ultimate Tool for Defragmentation

Is your computer running below its full performance then one good reason could be that the files have been fragmented a lot and that really slows the peformance of your PC. Here is one tool that i really found usefull in improving the performance of my PC.

Diskeeper is a simple tool that improves your file system performance by real time defragmentation. The best part is its ease and simplicity in design and in terms of its usage. All you have to is launch the application and then schedule a launch. using Diskeeper has increased my laptops performance by about 20 percentage.

With the Diskeeper 2007 a new technology name InvisiTasking. Invisi Tasking is a new technology that has been coined from two words "invisible" and "multi tasking".It means that the operations take place in the background invisibily without affecting the performance of your system.

Diskeeper performs real time defragmentation in the background with fragmentation prevention and online directory consolidation features. The cool feature is that it removes fragmentation as and when it occurs. Its performance and functionality are far superior than any other programs that i have used for improving my PC's performance.

Diskeeper is currently available in 7 different options starting from the Home edition to the Professional or the Server Version. The latest version of Diskeeper is not compatible with Windows Vista Operation system but a new version that is compatible with Vista is to be released in the coming weeks when Vista would be released to public.

Here are a few snapshots of my usage of diskeeper on my laptop. This is the main menu of Diskeeper showing the partitions present in your hard disk
You can setup either the Auto Defragmentation or the Manual option which ever is more suitable for you. Then you can right click on the partition on your hard drive and click Deframent .

Findings and Recommendations:Before Defragmentation begins Diskeeper analyzes your hard disk and gives your information about the disk. first it gives you Finding and recommendation section where a description of the hardisk along with the no of fragmened files. Further Diskeeper gives you a number for the excess no of fragment files that are present in your disk

Health Ration:Next would be health report about the disk . It would indicate whether your system is in good condition,degraded, warning or other stages. It also indicates a message telling you the fragment ration in your systemAccess time: This is the cool feature that i really liked. It gives you a snapshot of the current read time of the files on your PC and compare it to an Optimum read time of a PC. It also indicates a graph that inform regarding the improvement in access time on disk deframentation.
Here is a snapshot after defragmentation . The zones in red indicating files and folders that are slow to access and the zones in blue are one that can be accessed quicker.
Look at the file structure before the defragmentation of one of my disk. check it out yourself by installing the trail version of diskeeper for free (30days) from here
Here is one good article on the impact of disk fragmentation

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