Tuesday, January 02, 2007

BootVis from Microsoft- The performance optimization tool

I have been having the same age old problem. My Laptop takes too long to boot. Well the configuration is pretty nice with a 1.7GHZ processor and about 1GB in RAM along with basic software on my PC.

Here is one tool that i have been using for some time and found it quite useful in optimizing the boot time of my PC. Well with the phenominal growth of Technology in 2006 companies have been under tremendous pressure to produce faster processors. You really dont want to spend time infront of your PC waiting for it to boot up.

In General people would like to boot their computers fast whether it is from cold boot or from a standby or hibernate state. Here is one tool that has been developed by the microsoft team and many of us are unaware of this piece of software named BootVis.

Bootvis doesnot improve the performance of your PC. Bootvis is basically a tool that performs normal routines as those part of windows XP. These routines basically optimize the boot process of your PC.

Here are some features that you can compare with the performance of your PC:
  • An ideal PC should boot to a usable stage in a period of 30 sec
  • If the PC was in a hibernate state it should resume to normal in about 20sec
  • Resume from the standby stage in 5seconds
Compare the performance of your PC with the above results. If results match then your PC is booting to the ideal time if not you need to fix your PC to improve the startup time of your PC.

Caution: These features are based on a basic installation of Windows XP. So if you have many softwares that are invoked at startup then you really cannot expect anywhere close to these results
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