Saturday, December 30, 2006

Use Google Gmail account to send as mails from Yahoo,Hotmail Email account

Did you know that you can send emails from your Gmail account as if you had sent email using your other email accounts like yahoo mail or hotmail or any other email account. With google's innovation growing exponentially yet another feature has been added to your Gmail accounts.

Let me help you in setting up the process so that you can send mails using your Gmail account to a friend but the from address in the mail that you send to your friends would be totally different from your gmail's email account.

To make it clear let me give you an example. I have an account at and at I decide to send an email to a friend. So i login to my gmail account and compose an email.

Once i have composed the email i change my decision that i would like to send the email from my yahoo mail account. So here all i have to do is select the yahoo email id in the From option drop down menu in my gmail account.

Here is the trick the Drop down menu will not be active unless you add another email id in your gmail options. So let me guide you in setting up this process

Once you login to your gmail look out for the setting link on the top right corner of your mail box login.

Once the setting link is clicked look out for the Accounts link as shown in the snapshot below
Once the Account links has been clicked a pop up menu will appear asking you to enter the email address that you would like to add to your gmail account . Here is a snapshot of the pop menu
Once you Enter the email id that you would like to add Click on the Next step link on the bottom as seen in the above screen shot. Once the Next step link has been clicked a pop menu will appear that an email has been sent to your (yahoo or hotmail or any other account that you wanted to add) and you need to verify it by clicking on a link. Here is a snapshot of the pop menu
Once you verify you email account you are ready to go. Now let me show how you can send mails from gmail account using your other email account. Here is the snapshot of the gmail account from where i actually send my emails but but....
My emails would be send to the receiver as if i have sent the email from my yahoo mail account.Hmm interesting isnt it let me know if it works for you.
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Friday, December 29, 2006

Use Gmail account as an unlimited Virtual Hard Drive

Did you know that you can use Gmail(email service from Google) as a Virtual Hard drive. If not let me help you up in setting up a Virtual Drive in your PC.

To start off the process you need to install the Shell Namespace Extension in your hard drive. The file is about 136KB in size and can be downloaded from site. This Shell Namespace Extension creates a virtual drive in the Windows Explorer allowing you to to use Google's gmail account as a storage medium.

Here is the snapshot of the Gmail Drive that is created in my hard disk
This Gmail Extension allows you to copy,delete files inside the Gmail Folder. The files that you store are stored as emails on your Google's gmails account . The files are stored as mail attachments and the filename and file information is stored in the message subject line.

Once the Gmail Drive Extension is installed Double click on the Gmail Drive and a Login menu pop's up on your screen. You need to input your Gmail login details in the pop up menu. Here is a snapshot of the login screen

If you already have files stored on your gmail drive then you will be able to see all the files in your Drive. If not then you will see an empty Drive in your Virtual Gmail Drive.

Once you upload the files on to the Gmail Drive you will be able to see them on the Virtual Gmail Drive.

There are a bit limitations in the size of files that can be stored in your drive. The file limit is 10MB. You might not be able to save music or video files and that is illegal too.

Let me upload a JPEG file on to the Gmail Virtual Drive and see if really does work for me.Here is a snapshot of the file being uploaded to the Gmail Virtual Drive
The snapshot above shows the gmail3.jpg file that is copied on to your Gmail Drive. Once the file is copied it shows up on the Gmail Drive on your PC. Hip Hip Hurrah my Gmail Virtual Drive Extension is working

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Great Gifts for New year 2007 in various price Ranges

One more year comes to an end and a New year with new turns, ups and downs, happiness and sorrow and what more another 365 days. New year is a time to party, celebration,gifts and what more some time to spend with your family and friends.

Here are some of gadgets that would be given as gifts to friends and family. So lets look at the top gadget gifts for the new year 2007 under 100$

Gifts for about $100:
Blaupunkt Monterrey MP35: If you are a car geek and havent got a MP3 CD player for you car then here is the best gift that you can get for your car. It is an mp3 CD player that costs around 70$. Its a simple affordable mp3 player which might lack other features like WMA feature or an IPOD jack. It has good sound quality and great reception with a wireless remote control included. The front size are large enough to let you browse through the navigation system with ease.

SDI IHome iH5: This ipod docking station is priced about 80$. It's a small cute docking system to dock all types of ipods with the ability to charge ipods too. It has an in/out jacks and its ipod friendly design and affordable pricing makes its really competitive.

It includes a Big clock in the front and quite nicely arranged navigation buttons on the top of the docking station. With great sound quality and affordable price it is a must have for an Apple Ipod owner.

Sony NW-E003 mp3 player: My first impression of this device was that oh its another sony's jumpdrive or USB drive product and when i read about the product i realized that it is an mp3 player.
It has a stylish design with an USB interface and 1GB in memory. It even has a built in FM with strong reception. It supports MP3, WMA, AAC files. With auto tuning features, rich and clear audio sounds and long batter life support makes it one good deal for under $100

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Reliance India call 7.9c/min New year promotion

Reliance India call was introduced about a year and half back all across USA. would you believe that Reliance India call has hit the 1Million mark in just about a year and half. That is just an astonishing success for the company. The success of this venture clearly indicates the supreme quality of the service provided by the network.

Recently Reliance India call has added a new year & 1 million customer promotion campaign for all its users across the continent of USA. The call charger per minute was perviously held at 13c/min and is currently droped to 7.9c/min to any phone all over across india for the period till January 31st 2007

Prepaid users would get almost double the amount of talk time for the same amount they paid earlier to talk to friends,parents, brothers, sisters all over India.

Further for the post paid subscribers this would mean a 50% reduction in the monthly bill. The best part that i liked about reliance india call is that its simply superb crystal clear Voice clarity. I have been using a number of calling cards for the past 2 yrs yet reliance turns out to be the winner. The second feature of the pinless dailing of phone numbers too makes it more user friendly to customers.

Here is a snapshot of the offer for calls made to India from anywhere across the continent of USATo encourage new subscribers reliance is allowing new customers too to utilize this bonus promotion. Hmm enjoy the new year talking to friends, parents and all those whoom you missed in 2006. check out reliance site for more details

Monday, December 25, 2006

How to Rip your DVD's using (Auto GK) Auto Gordian Knot software

Have you been facing the problem of backing-up of your personal and important DVD's well here is one of the best softwares that i have come across in the recent time. Auto GK also known as Auto Gordian Knot is a simple software to rip and backup your DVD's to formats like MPEG,Divx,XviD etc.

Auto Gordian Knot software even supports MPEG2,HDTV/DVB captures and transport streams .One more thing that i liked about this softwre is that you can play the DVD ripped videos either on the PC or on your HDTV provided the PC has support forTV out on the graphics card.

Let me discuss and guide you through the procedure of backing up your personal DVD's step by step. In simple terms you need a PC or a Laptop with a DVD-RW installed on the computer.

Once the first criterion is completed you can install the AutoGK software on to your PC and start the procedure of ripping your DVD's

Second select the input file that you want
to rip and the output file is automatically selected or a suggestion is provided to you. The input files are generally .IFO files.Here is the snapshot of the input file menu.

Third you can select the audio track and the sub title track that you have obtained by ripping your DVD. One good tool for ripping a DVD is the DVD decrypter tool.

In AutoGK you can customize the size of your files based on your requirements. You even have the option where you can choose a percentage of the input file as one part and the rest in the other part.

The default size is 2 CD's you can customize to 3 Cd's or 4 Cd's .So once you are done with this setup you can click the Add job button and then click next button and AutoGK will begun to work.

With advanced setting of controlling the horizontal resolution of the movie, Auto audio bit rate for audio, Codec option of XVid and Divx, Preview video option, Mono MP3 Audio, Color correction AutoGK turns out to be a must have tool in your booty.

Once AutoGK has finished converting the video files you can use CD or DVD burning software like NERO to burn or backup your cd's

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Yahoo Voice New year Holiday promotion

Well who doesnt know Yahoo messenger. It has been the best and the most used messenger of all times and out competes any other IM in terms of its quality and its features. Yahoo has brought in an amazing holiday promotion package for its users on the New years eve(12/31-01/01)

Yahoo Voice another service of Yahoo has features like Phone out and Phone in. what it means is that if you sign up for the Phone out feature you can make calls to landlines and mobile phones all over the world. Phone in option allows you to receive calls from others on to your computer provided you have an internet connection

Free PC to PC Calls: You can make free calls to friends using Yahoo messenger. All you have to do is download yahoo messenger and add a friend. Then click on the call button. That is it you are ready to chat with your friends for long lasting hours absolutely free

Phone IN: In this feature you can get a local area phone number for as little as 2.489$ per month. You can select a phone number in your area code and then you can distribute this number to your friends. So when your friends try to call you up on this number you will get a ring on your messenger that some one is calling you.

The best part in this feature is that no matter where you are moving all over the world you can still receive the phone calls provided you are connected to the web

unfortunately the feature is available only in France, United Kingdom and United states of America.

Phone out: This feature is exactly opposite to the Phone in option. Here you can make calls to landline or mobile phones all over the world at a nominal rate. You even fun option sound effects that you can use to add some fun to your talk

The rates are 1c/min with in USA and very nominal rates for other parts of the world like India,Australia. Yahoo Voice is running a New year special offering rates as low as 5c/min. Here is a snapshot of the rates
for more details check out the Yahoo Voice website to register for the service