Sunday, December 24, 2006

Yahoo Voice New year Holiday promotion

Well who doesnt know Yahoo messenger. It has been the best and the most used messenger of all times and out competes any other IM in terms of its quality and its features. Yahoo has brought in an amazing holiday promotion package for its users on the New years eve(12/31-01/01)

Yahoo Voice another service of Yahoo has features like Phone out and Phone in. what it means is that if you sign up for the Phone out feature you can make calls to landlines and mobile phones all over the world. Phone in option allows you to receive calls from others on to your computer provided you have an internet connection

Free PC to PC Calls: You can make free calls to friends using Yahoo messenger. All you have to do is download yahoo messenger and add a friend. Then click on the call button. That is it you are ready to chat with your friends for long lasting hours absolutely free

Phone IN: In this feature you can get a local area phone number for as little as 2.489$ per month. You can select a phone number in your area code and then you can distribute this number to your friends. So when your friends try to call you up on this number you will get a ring on your messenger that some one is calling you.

The best part in this feature is that no matter where you are moving all over the world you can still receive the phone calls provided you are connected to the web

unfortunately the feature is available only in France, United Kingdom and United states of America.

Phone out: This feature is exactly opposite to the Phone in option. Here you can make calls to landline or mobile phones all over the world at a nominal rate. You even fun option sound effects that you can use to add some fun to your talk

The rates are 1c/min with in USA and very nominal rates for other parts of the world like India,Australia. Yahoo Voice is running a New year special offering rates as low as 5c/min. Here is a snapshot of the rates
for more details check out the Yahoo Voice website to register for the service

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