Sunday, December 31, 2006

Windows XP shortcut keys for your Keyboard

Are you a geek or a computer buzz who spends most of their time infront of your PC or laptop either at work or home. Then these tips will be most useful for you. Shortcuts are always over looked by people as most of us stick to the conventional ways of doing things.

What is so great about keyboard short cuts?? Well first using keyboard shortcut saves time and second its lets you use them with out lifting your hand off the keyboard. Second it cuts down the time you would take everytime you would reach out for the mouse.

  • CTRL-ALT-DEL: This is probably the most used shortcut at times when Windows used to pop up the blue screen now and then making you go mad at times. Pressing this combo of keys simultaneously opens the Task manager to see a list of processes and applications that are running on your computer. You can force shut down any applications that are not responding by right clicking on the application and using the END NOW PROCESS link

  • Windows + E: shortcut lets you launch Windows Explorer defaulting to the My Computer.

  • CTRL + S: This shortcut is basically used to save files that you are currently working on . This feature has helped me many times when i accidentally closed down some windows. It helps you to save files from time to time without loosing them.
  • CTRL+O : This shortcut is used to open files window that you normally open using the File menu in your Browser or Explorer.
  • CTRL+C: This shortcut is used mainly used to copy files/ highlighted text or icons from one location to another location.
  • CTRL+V: This shortcut is used to paste the data or files that you have copied from one location to another location.
  • CTRL+X:Using this shortcut one can cut files or text from one file
  • CTRL+A: This shortcut lets you to select all the contents of the current file that you are woking on or select all the files in the folder that you are currently on
  • ALT+TAB: It lets you switch between all the tab windows that are opened currently.
  • F3(Function key): searches for files on your desktop
  • F2(Function key): You can rename a selected file or folder
  • Windows+M: Minimizes all the windows that are currently open in windows
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