Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP

Microsoft has come up with the version 11 of Windows Media Player. To simply describe It has a great visual effective interface bringing a new look to your digital entertainment with excellent performance especially working with large media files and its integration with Urge, Which is the Unlimited Music Download And Exclusive site. You can check out free music and download for free on this site for 14 days. Windows Media player 11 is simply cool and awesome. So why are waiting for Login to Microsoft website and Start downloading it for free.

Windows Media Player(WMP) 11 which was released earlier this year does have a visually appealing interface as well its impression in terms of performance and features. I would say it is Microsofts jukebox of today. Apple has been amazingly successful at winning over the PC users(and ofcourse mac users) by infilteratiing the machines via iTunes but with Windows Media Player 11 Coming out Microsoft would say We are here You have got some tough Competition ahead. Windows Media player 10 was a far too dissapointing version and loosing out the Windows market to theiTunes player. With the new version releases Microsoft would go out seriously challenging the iTunes music empire.It acts as a repository and player for all your music, video, and images, unlike Apple's popular player. And while WMP 11 doesn't integrate with the iTunes Music Store, it also doesn't lock you in to one purchasing source. In fact, it integrates numerous stores including Napster,audible.com,Movielink, and MTV's new Urge service.(source: PCMAG). With the addition of MTV's Urge the jukebox music service is certainly ready for the battle with Apple. The tight integration of the Urge music service was outrightly impressive beacuse of the improved file management performance in WMP11.

The release of Version 11 brings in a major change in the feel and navigation styles of WMP players and iTunes. In general with almost all the media players you usually scroll throgh a list of files. This is where WMP11 deviates and it lets you browse your library cover by cover giving you a nice graphice feel good interface. The good point is that it makes you much more appealing visually and your music collection no longer is just a spreadsheets of files. The other feature that really impresses me is that Microsoft has integrated a World Wheel search Technology.

It basically lets you search tracks,albums,artists in the search bar at a stunnig speed of light. The highlight is that the search list will start appearing as you type in each alphabet of your search phrase and the results are those almost there before you finish typing. Media player just beats iTunes in its ability to see album art pop up and it goes up +2 on this feature.

With the Launch of the Beta player Microsoft transformed Windows Media player from a mediocrity into a Powerful music and media application. Microsoft has put in enormous efforts into creating a user friendly interface, better software and service and better portability with the devices. The playback controls are glossy,inviting and have cool looks. The Navigation buttons are simplifies and right on top so that you dont get lost. The revamped menu buttons are the most striking feature on the interface.

The main menu has five choices that open up for categorical sub menus. The main browser too has been altered with a colorful album driven view of music, thumbnail view of photos and screenshots of video files. The Media player also has the ability to track down images and automatically update your library using a new audio fingerprinting technology. Syncing and burning audio and vidoes have become much easier as well. The playlist panel that is on the right side of the menu has a simple arrangement that is easily saved and edited and brining it close to the Apple designed applications.

Another cool feature is that when it come to syncing and copying files there is a graphical display indicating the amount of room you have to fill up in the CD,iRiver Clix or Creative Zen Vision:M players. so you have the option to automatically fill up the device to the max if you choose to based on albums,artists etc. The ability to autofill the device is really an intelligent and crafty technique and its a huge advantage when one chooses a subscription services.

The window layout is fairly straightforward. The familiar tree navigation, reminiscent of WMP 10 and iTunes, sits on the far left side and lets you select among views: Album, Artist, Song, and others. Back and Forward buttons that look like those inn Internet Explorer 7 reside at the top left and greatly simplify navigation

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Venky Gopalan said...

one thing I noticed about WMP 11 was that it runs in the background even after you close it. Atleast the beta version in downloaded did. Another thing in iTunes has decent tagging capabilities which WMP lacks. Also WMP seems to need a lot of memory.

Anycase I use foobar2000 for music and VLC for videos. Nothing can beat these two.

Kishore Reddy said...

venki i certainly agree with you about the missing taggin function in WMP and it does take a lot of memory.But i think microsoft worked a lot on version 11 as version 10 sucked big time

I havent heard of foobar2000 will try it out ....