Saturday, December 30, 2006

Use Google Gmail account to send as mails from Yahoo,Hotmail Email account

Did you know that you can send emails from your Gmail account as if you had sent email using your other email accounts like yahoo mail or hotmail or any other email account. With google's innovation growing exponentially yet another feature has been added to your Gmail accounts.

Let me help you in setting up the process so that you can send mails using your Gmail account to a friend but the from address in the mail that you send to your friends would be totally different from your gmail's email account.

To make it clear let me give you an example. I have an account at and at I decide to send an email to a friend. So i login to my gmail account and compose an email.

Once i have composed the email i change my decision that i would like to send the email from my yahoo mail account. So here all i have to do is select the yahoo email id in the From option drop down menu in my gmail account.

Here is the trick the Drop down menu will not be active unless you add another email id in your gmail options. So let me guide you in setting up this process

Once you login to your gmail look out for the setting link on the top right corner of your mail box login.

Once the setting link is clicked look out for the Accounts link as shown in the snapshot below
Once the Account links has been clicked a pop up menu will appear asking you to enter the email address that you would like to add to your gmail account . Here is a snapshot of the pop menu
Once you Enter the email id that you would like to add Click on the Next step link on the bottom as seen in the above screen shot. Once the Next step link has been clicked a pop menu will appear that an email has been sent to your (yahoo or hotmail or any other account that you wanted to add) and you need to verify it by clicking on a link. Here is a snapshot of the pop menu
Once you verify you email account you are ready to go. Now let me show how you can send mails from gmail account using your other email account. Here is the snapshot of the gmail account from where i actually send my emails but but....
My emails would be send to the receiver as if i have sent the email from my yahoo mail account.Hmm interesting isnt it let me know if it works for you.
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