Friday, December 29, 2006

Use Gmail account as an unlimited Virtual Hard Drive

Did you know that you can use Gmail(email service from Google) as a Virtual Hard drive. If not let me help you up in setting up a Virtual Drive in your PC.

To start off the process you need to install the Shell Namespace Extension in your hard drive. The file is about 136KB in size and can be downloaded from site. This Shell Namespace Extension creates a virtual drive in the Windows Explorer allowing you to to use Google's gmail account as a storage medium.

Here is the snapshot of the Gmail Drive that is created in my hard disk
This Gmail Extension allows you to copy,delete files inside the Gmail Folder. The files that you store are stored as emails on your Google's gmails account . The files are stored as mail attachments and the filename and file information is stored in the message subject line.

Once the Gmail Drive Extension is installed Double click on the Gmail Drive and a Login menu pop's up on your screen. You need to input your Gmail login details in the pop up menu. Here is a snapshot of the login screen

If you already have files stored on your gmail drive then you will be able to see all the files in your Drive. If not then you will see an empty Drive in your Virtual Gmail Drive.

Once you upload the files on to the Gmail Drive you will be able to see them on the Virtual Gmail Drive.

There are a bit limitations in the size of files that can be stored in your drive. The file limit is 10MB. You might not be able to save music or video files and that is illegal too.

Let me upload a JPEG file on to the Gmail Virtual Drive and see if really does work for me.Here is a snapshot of the file being uploaded to the Gmail Virtual Drive
The snapshot above shows the gmail3.jpg file that is copied on to your Gmail Drive. Once the file is copied it shows up on the Gmail Drive on your PC. Hip Hip Hurrah my Gmail Virtual Drive Extension is working

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