Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Reliance India call 7.9c/min New year promotion

Reliance India call was introduced about a year and half back all across USA. would you believe that Reliance India call has hit the 1Million mark in just about a year and half. That is just an astonishing success for the company. The success of this venture clearly indicates the supreme quality of the service provided by the network.

Recently Reliance India call has added a new year & 1 million customer promotion campaign for all its users across the continent of USA. The call charger per minute was perviously held at 13c/min and is currently droped to 7.9c/min to any phone all over across india for the period till January 31st 2007

Prepaid users would get almost double the amount of talk time for the same amount they paid earlier to talk to friends,parents, brothers, sisters all over India.

Further for the post paid subscribers this would mean a 50% reduction in the monthly bill. The best part that i liked about reliance india call is that its simply superb crystal clear Voice clarity. I have been using a number of calling cards for the past 2 yrs yet reliance turns out to be the winner. The second feature of the pinless dailing of phone numbers too makes it more user friendly to customers.

Here is a snapshot of the offer for calls made to India from anywhere across the continent of USATo encourage new subscribers reliance is allowing new customers too to utilize this bonus promotion. Hmm enjoy the new year talking to friends, parents and all those whoom you missed in 2006. check out reliance site for more details

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