Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Igadget software for Apple Ipod Version 3.6 Released

Here is a Piece of Software that i have really found useful along with my IPOD. Igadget is a software that can used with your ipod to Transfer songs,playlists from your ipod into your computer,Import weather,Import Directions,Import email,appointments and tasks, RSS Feeds and Horoscopes.

Igadget software costs about 15$ for the full version and it is definelty worth to buy it . The igadget software is compatible with both Windows Version and Macintosh Versions.

Features in Igadget:
  1. Transfer Songs and Playlists: Igadget lets you download songs and playlists from your computer to Ipod.The other feature that i like about igadget is that it lets users to preserve play lists,counts and last played dates
  2. Transfer Direction from Laptop: You can transfer directions from your laptop to your ipod and use them offline. This feature lets you use maps offline without GPS. Though the maps are not interactive it helps people who are lost for directions.
  3. RSS News Feeds: RSS Feeds feature is the greatest feature of igadget software. With the growth of RSS feeds in the blogging world one can use this feature to read feeds on your ipod. This feature combined with Google offline feeds makes it an unbeatable combination.
  4. Movie Showtimes: You can even store your movie show times on your ipod.
There are other features that really makes igadget software a must for all ipod lovers. Here an interactive video about transferring songs to your ipod.

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