Friday, December 08, 2006

HTC P4350: The Latest Sliding QWERTY Mobile phone from the HTC Mobile family

I had written a previous post regarding HTC TYTN Pocket PC Phone and here comes a new kid in the block. HTC P4350 was released a couple of days back and it really looks has a great phone with a enormous amount of features. The inspiration to writing this article came from my friend who is a Gizmo geek. He had purchased the HTC TYTN phone couple of days back. It really looks super cool and easy to use. HTC P4350 is just 17mm thick and features a semi-automatic sliding full QWERTY keypad. The slim and compact form factor hosts a large internal memory – 128MbROM and 64mb RAM, ensuring the handset delivers a full “office in your pocket” experience for business users on the go.

Features of HTC P4350:
  1. A 2.8" TFT Touch screen color display with a landscape view giving you a perfect view your emails, pictures,videos. It in turn has a touch screen feature making it a PDA phone.Its display system is really fantastic with rich colors (65,536 colours)
  2. Its a World Wide Quad phone with connectivity interms of Bluetooth 2.0,Wi-fi and Infra Red. The Bluetooth 2.0 feature is really impressive and fast interms of browsing,chatting,videos etc. The Wi-Fi is updated to the latest 802.11b/g technology.
  3. It has a hidden slidding QWERTY keypad underneath making it one of the slimmest PDA phones in the market.
  4. It has a 2.0 mega pixel camera attached to it.. Camera is pretty OK compared to other phones
It also includes a 5 way navigation control on top along with an inbuilt Dual speaker and micrphone as additional featues. It operates on Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition and you can keep yourself entertained with audio and video using the Windows Media player. Overall its a great Business Phone with Rich, Smart, Innovative phone for yourself or for your buddy. With Mobile emailing and Messaging at hands this Phone is far too good to be left out. Check out the site for more details .The phone is currently priced at U$735 and is currently available only in Europe and Asia.

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