Sunday, December 17, 2006

How to Manage Virtual Drives and ISO image files: MagicISO

MagicDisc is a very helpfull tool that can be used for creating and Managing Virtual CD/DVD drives. What it simples allows you to do is to use almost all CD/DVD image or .iso files without burning them on to a CD or DVD drive.

The best part is that it is about 3mb in size , 1 million downloads and its absolutely free. Using MagicDisc you can play games, listen to music, install software from image files that are stored on your hard disk.

The best feature i like is that it works almost 10 times fasters than playing them from a CD/DVD. Certain softwares require you to have the original CD/DVD in the drive in order to run the software. To solve this problem you can use the MagicDisc. MagicDisc will mount the image file as a Virtual Drive and thus helping you to run those softwares that require you to have a CD/DVD on the drive. You dont to hunt in your office/house for that elusice CD/DVD that you need to run the applications.

The reason being that the data is stores on the hard disk and can be accessed faster than to an actual CD/DVD.Now let us see some of the features of MagicDisc..

So i guess one knows how one can create an image file of a CD. If you do not know how to create an image file of a CD you can just read ahead to get information of how to create an image file for a CD.

Loading Image/ISO files:
Once an .ISO file is created all you have to do is mount the image/ISO file in the MagicDisc and your Virtual CD/DVD is ready to use. So first open the MagicDisc and go to Virtual CD/DVD- ROM menu and inside which you select the mount menu.

A pop up will open up asking you to locate the image/ISO file and once you select the image file you just click on the Open icon and your image file is ready to be mounted on the Virtual Drive.Here is a screenshot of mounting an ISO file.

You even have the option of selecting more that one virtual drive. You can select for about 15 virtual drives.

Creating CD images using MagicDisc:
select the MagicDisc menu and then select the Make CD/DVD Image menu and a pop up menu opens up like the one that is shown on the right side.

Select the source as CD/DVD or an image file and then right below it you need to select the location where the image file needs to be stored.

To enable password protection you can add passwords to the image file with a maximum length of 31.

There is even an option of selecting the kind of format for the ISO files. you have four different options like
  • Universal Image Format(UIF)
  • Bin Image File(.BIN)
  • Standard ISO Image(.ISO)
  • Nero Image File(.NRG)
More details can be found at the MagicDisc site
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