Thursday, December 28, 2006

Great Gifts for New year 2007 in various price Ranges

One more year comes to an end and a New year with new turns, ups and downs, happiness and sorrow and what more another 365 days. New year is a time to party, celebration,gifts and what more some time to spend with your family and friends.

Here are some of gadgets that would be given as gifts to friends and family. So lets look at the top gadget gifts for the new year 2007 under 100$

Gifts for about $100:
Blaupunkt Monterrey MP35: If you are a car geek and havent got a MP3 CD player for you car then here is the best gift that you can get for your car. It is an mp3 CD player that costs around 70$. Its a simple affordable mp3 player which might lack other features like WMA feature or an IPOD jack. It has good sound quality and great reception with a wireless remote control included. The front size are large enough to let you browse through the navigation system with ease.

SDI IHome iH5: This ipod docking station is priced about 80$. It's a small cute docking system to dock all types of ipods with the ability to charge ipods too. It has an in/out jacks and its ipod friendly design and affordable pricing makes its really competitive.

It includes a Big clock in the front and quite nicely arranged navigation buttons on the top of the docking station. With great sound quality and affordable price it is a must have for an Apple Ipod owner.

Sony NW-E003 mp3 player: My first impression of this device was that oh its another sony's jumpdrive or USB drive product and when i read about the product i realized that it is an mp3 player.
It has a stylish design with an USB interface and 1GB in memory. It even has a built in FM with strong reception. It supports MP3, WMA, AAC files. With auto tuning features, rich and clear audio sounds and long batter life support makes it one good deal for under $100

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