Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Google maps adds streets in India

Google maps has yet again come over microsoft live or mapquest in terms of their speed of progress and resolution. Recently they have added Google streep maps to over 152 locations across India. Most of the important cities like the big metros like Bombay,Chennai,Bangalore,Hyderbad,Calcutta and New Delhi have all been mapped to the street level in google maps.

For some time Google had been enhancing maps mostly across America nd Europe. With growing competition from Microsoft's live.Google indeed has gone a step ahead in India.

For some time Most of the maps across India was just white space and green patches and suddenly when i recently looked at Google maps i was astonished. It has turned from green patches, dry land to sophisticated national highways and street names.

The best part is the details that are provided in the Google maps.Google photos are really impressive with high levels of zoom even allowing you to pin point cars on the road,individual houses etc

Almost every address in Google maps has an impressive and clear vision. So coming back to Google street maps in India topic well i would say that it really helps those who are unware of indian streets. It would help people to easily have a virtual map in hand before they travel across the cities or across places in the city

Let us see what features had google added to the street maps in India. To start off it has mapped important junction or points like hospitals, theatres,temples, train stations,schools, government offices, departmental stores,banks, Bus terminus, Cinema theaters, Police stations, Hotels, Shopping complexes, Post office etc. Let us see some of the snap shots of important locations across India



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