Friday, December 08, 2006

Available to download: Winamp Latest 5.3.2 updated MP3 Player Software

Winamp one of the most popular mp3 players in the market has launched the new version. The interface of Winamp 5.3.2 is smiliar to Winamp 5.3.1 version but some updates have been added to it .

We will take a closer look at the enhancements and helpyou decide if you should upgrade to the latest version or not.

The two new features that have caught my eye are synching with Windows mobile devices and the transcoding tool. Further the new version also features a lot of fast ripping themes what i mean by lot is really lot, check them out your self , better visualization and better handling of your mp3 files. The best feature is that the new version suporots Windows mobile devices .Plugins for I-pods, Creative players and other USB devices have been added to the list.

A new feature called the transcoding tool lets you to convert files from one format to another(1 to 10 different formats) has been added to the list. Check out the screen shots below
Its video playback features are more than adequate when combined with the proper DirectShow decoders/filters like ffdshow, making it the closest thing to a fully-capable universal media player the Windows world has. So to decide whether to update to Winamp 5.3.2 or not is the question. Well the new version indeed is lot smoother and has a lot of bugs being fixed. If you are a freek in converting music to various formats then the update is for you. And finally if you do use a pocket pc and play mp3 files then this update is really for you. Hope that helps...

For a full list of updates go here
you can download the latest version from winamp site
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