Sunday, December 10, 2006

Apocalypto Movie Review : Gibson Rules at the Box office

He started off with Brave Heart then came the Passion of the Christ and now Apocalypto. There has always been controversy surrounding Mel Gibson's movies including the latest one that hit the market in USA on December 8th,2005. Apocalypto movie release under the Disney Banner has made a whooping $14.2 million estimately by sunday evening.

The movie could simply be described as Bloody and Beautiful. The brutality in "Apocalypto" is so relentless that it just goes beyond horror and is rated "R" at the theaters. This movie is definitely not for the faint hearts.Hearts are torn, still beating, from slashed-open chests. A man’s face is chewed off by a jaguar. Another’s neck is pierced by darts tipped with frog venom. Most disturbing, perhaps, is the sight of hundreds of corpses haphazardly layered in an open pit.

The movie is set in the Jungles of Central America,Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula in the waning days of Mayan civilization. Featuring a Virtually unknown cast on the screen in Mayan dialects the film was recieved with respect from critics. The visuals in the movie are so powerful taking us to a neverland offering sights of exceptional vividness.

The movie is fully sub titled in English as the whole movie is spoken in Mayan dialect. The essence of the movie is about a man trying to save himself and his family from a blood thirsty rival tribe and a large powerful community with full of greed,lust,Blood . Movie starts off with a small community of people who like to live a happy, simple life. Then the movie goes on with a group of men on a hunting spree and lingering here and there in their heavenly village. Jonathan Grewer is teased by his mother-in-law and buddies in not being able to get his wife pregnant and he accepts the criticism like a small kid. Life is quiet and happy until some predators led by Zero Wolf(Raoul Trujillo) ruthelessly rape women, kill men and destroy their homes. Locals resist valiantly but are led away in various directions and Jaguar Paw (Rudy Youngblood) one of the survivors mission is to rescue his pregnant wife and his son from the predators. Mel Gibson does a great job and is the evidence of the blunt characterizations and the emphatic emotional cues in the movie.

Will Jaguar Paw be successful in rescuing his Wife and Son ?. Check out the movie in the theaters.“Apocalypto” is rated R (Under 17 must be accompanied by parent or adult guardian)

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