Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sharing Photos with Picasa and Hello Without loosing Resolution

Hmmm I have browsing online and was looking for a solution to share large pictures with some of my friends and i came across this solution. Googles another product Hello is really an awesome product to share pictures along with Picasa. All you have to do is install picasa and Hello and you are ready to share large pictures with your friends and family. Here is the solution to share pictures without loosing the resolution

Step1: Install Picassa from here
Step2: Install Hello from here
Step3: Open Hello Program and click on the link Invite. Invitation is a must to send your photos to your friends.You can invite your friends with their email address or with their Gmail username.
Step4: Once the Invitation is accepted your friend shows up as ONLINE on the Hello program. Remember your friend needs to run the Hello program on his PC.
Step5: Click on the Icon Send Pictures and it opens up the Picasa Photo editor. Choose the Photo or the folder containing photos and Click on the "HELLO" icon in the bottom right of the picasa editor. The photos are ready to be sent. The best feature is you can send photos fast and with out loosing resolution.

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Desiguy said...

thats wonderful news for amateur photographers like me.. now i can contact some pros in other countries and can share veiwpoints... good job buddy