Sunday, November 19, 2006

RoboForm Password Manager, Form Filler, Password Generator, Fill & Save Forms

Hmmm tired of Remember Passwords for So many Websites?? Well Here is a solution that i recently found out browisng online. Its Roboform the ultimate password manager.Roboform is also the top-rated Password Manager,Web Form Filler and what more RoboForm was named PC Magazine Editor's Choice, and CNET's Software of the Year. Its rated Best of 2003 by

It has features starting from Autosaving the passwords in the browser and then it autofilles the passwords the next time you visit that website. Further adding on to that it also has an option of saving your personal information in forms. It makes life easy to fill out forms using Roboform by just a click of a button. The Best feature that i had noticed was that it can Generate Secure Random Passwords. These passwords are random combination of upper, lower case alphabetes and numbers. Can you guess How many of us will be able to crack those kinds of passwords. Chances are absolutely Nil. Coming to the security issue it uses AES,Blowfish and 1-DES algorithms. The most important point is that all personal info is stored on your computer only.You can have many Identities and you can easily switch between them. Your identities do not have to be real persons. Use fake Identities and preserve your privacy.

Roboform has all added features so that you on USB disk for ultimate portability.What it means is that Your passwords and sensitive personal data is stored on USB key, so once you pull it out, the data is physically gone from the computer. In fact, your password files are never placed on the client computer disk.It also allows you to sync passwords with pocket PC too and what more there are no Spyware or Adware attached to the software. You can download it at the Roboform website

Here is a Fantastic video demonstration the software by JohnJSymons
Its Easy ! Its Fast ! Its Reliable ! Its Trusted! Its Flexible and Finally Its Freeware for limited!

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