Friday, November 24, 2006

HJ Split -File Splitter & Joiner

Have you faced this problem of having Large files and not being to write them on Compact-Discs,Floppies etc. Here is a simple solution.HJsplit is a 174KB freeware file splitter & joiner software by HJSplit supports operating systems like Windows XP,Java,Amiga and DOS.

Well the Next Question is How exactly does HJSplit help us. For example you have a situation where you have a 50mb file and you want to send it over the Email. Here comes HJSplit as a handy tool. Just insert the 50mb file and click the button split. Here you have the option to choose the size of each splitted file. You can specify each splitted file as 5mb or 10mb. So once you specify the each splitted file as 5mb all it does is that it creates 10 files each of 5mb. So the splitted files are now ready to be sent over email.

All you have to do at the receiver end is use HJSplit to join the 10files and you get the back the 50mb file. Simple its Genious and Amazing tool of software. The software is a Dos based and is just over 100Kb in size. HJSplit is simple, small and easy to use. It does not involve any installation of softwares, DLL's, Spyware or any Advertisments.

So if you are have a 10Gb file and you want to burn them in CD's then just use HJSplit and burn them .Yupee... Hippee.. Hurrah!

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