Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Blogger With Docs & Spreadsheets

I have been blogging on for about a year and half and all i have been doing was logging into blogger .com and signing up and then clicking on New post and then posting on a New post. Recently i noticed that google has added a new feature in which you can post your Daily posts using Google Docs & Spreadsheets.I have been using this New feature and found it quite useful. Well let me just give an Intro of who one can migrate from Posting in blogger to Posting using Google Docs & Spreadsheets

First if one notices that when you are posting a New post there is an Box in the right side . Click on the link Google Docs & Spreadsheets and you will migrate to the Docs & Spreadsheets page.

Once you click on the Link you will be taken on to the Google Docs & Spreadsheet Homepage and you are ready to publish your new post from Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Click on the New Document Icon and you get started off with publishing a New post. The advantage is that Google allows you to post your blog posts to different platforms like the popular-ones Wordpress,BlogWare, LiveJournal,
SquareSpace,BlogHarbor etc.

The most interesting features of it is that you
can insert comments, Change its Color,Change time and date. Google automatically inserts the data and time at which the comment is made. It even allows you Insert Bookmarks. Better known as Internal link Bookmarks to different places within the document itself. There is even the facility of adding special character, Font support, Do Revisions, Allow collaborations. It even allowrs you to publish it as a Webpage and what more it supports Linux platform too. No more pain of going to blogger.com and posting your blogpsot. Hip Hip Hurray!

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